Friday, August 21, 2009

Young Girl Goes to Law School: What's Wrong with That???

This story is hilarious, particularly because people have many different views on whether a 19 years smart young girl should really go to a law school. Okay, I understand that in the United States, a law school is designed as a grad school, means that you need to at least have a college degree before you can enter into such law school. And, since I've never gone into a US law school, I don't know whether the education there is really hard or not.

However, in Indonesia, you can go straight to a faculty of law of an university after being graduated from your high school. I join my faculty of law when I'm still 17 years old, and already start my career as a lawyer when I'm 21 years old. And that's very usual in Indonesia. I've seen many good young lawyers, they can do a decent job and will be even better with more experience from years to come. So what's wrong if a 19 years old girl chooses to go to a law school? I say, the younger the better. I believe that those who start at a fresh young age will have a lot more of time to adjust themselves with the law world and therefore may develop their career faster.

Being a lawyer might be a tough job, but it's fun. It will definitely involve some administrative paper work, but you won't do that forever, because along with the progress of your career, you'll have a lot more of experience and get more challenging and interesting jobs. Just remember one thing, a lawyer's career may depend on various factors, but in the end the most dominant factor would always be yourself. So for Miss Kate Laughlin, congratulations on your enrollment and welcome to the ever changing world of law.


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