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  • Making Comments on Draft of Regulations: The United States Style

    I'm quite amazed with how lawyers and law professors in the United States involved in the discussion on a new draft of securities regulation. Based on the fact that 7 big law firms would cooperate to produce a 40 page of comments, I can safely assume that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the equivalent of Bapepam-LK, the Indonesian Capital Market and Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency, is really paying attention to the comments of practitioners. Because if they don't care, I'm certain that those law firms would not even think to waste their precious billable hours for making such comments. Or, might this be a sign that those firms have some leisure time due to the decline of their jobs? Now, I wonder when would we do the same? I know that Bapepam-LK has already started to ask for public comments before they issue a new regulation, but I haven't seen any notably public comments to such draft regulation.

  • The Protection of Criminal Suspects in Law and Economics Perspective

    Forthcoming in Jurnal Teropong Edisi RUU KUHAP 2015 | 23 Pages | Posted: 10 May 2015 | Date Written: April 28, 2015

    Public Choice Theory and its Application in Indonesian Legislation System

    24 Pages | Posted: 8 Oct 2012 | Last revised: 8 Nov 2014 | Date Written: October 8, 2012

    Special Purpose Vehicle in Law and Economics Perspective

    Forthcoming in Journal of Indonesia Corruption Watch, 'Pemberantasan Kejahatan Korupsi dan Pencucian Uang yang Dilakukan Korporasi di Sektor Kehutanan', 2013 | 15 Pages | Posted: 22 Aug 2013 | Date Written: August 18, 2013

    Legal Positivism and Law and Economics -- A Defense

    Third Indonesian National Conference of Legal Philosophy, 27-28 August 2013 | 17 Pages | Posted: 22 Aug 2013 | Last revised: 3 Sep 2013 | Date Written: August 22, 2013

    Economic Analysis of Rape Crime: An Introduction

    Jurnal Hukum Jentera Vol 22, No 7 (2012) Januari-April | 14 Pages | Posted: 12 Nov 2011 | Last revised: 8 Oct 2012 | Date Written: May 7, 2012


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